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Run Your Own Race.
Come as you are, in high heels or muck boots.

Boots & Breakfast™

Women networking and business development.

In memory of Juanita Koilpillai (1963 - 2021)

All good things come in three.

Take a chance, and join us at Triple Chance Farm to Run Your Own Race on A Road Less Traveled by Going Dutch

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Run Your Own Race

Come as you are, in high heels or muck boots.

In the fall of 2011, Juanita and I started a business we called "Success in the Country". Having recently moved back to Waterford from my home country and family in the Netherlands, trying to bloom where I was planted, Juanita, the grower, and I decided to put on our boots and start sharing breakfast, helping ourselves and our community (re)connect, share and grow together. On October 20, 2011, we hosted our first "Boots & Breakfast" at Juanita's home, Waverley Farm, and although we had 'success in the country', we had to hit the pause button a few years later. Life happens... 

The seed for connecting, sharing and growing a community was definitely planted though, and as many were impacted by Covid-19, I decided to think outside the box and share our commercial real estate 'Blikken Hut'(Dutch for 'tin hut') with the community. I called it "Going Dutch", and the tin hut became rapidly a home away from home for a myriad of small businesses and their customers. (

Very similar to how Juanita had opened up her home to help the community work, learn and play together years ago, I'm opening up my home Triple Chance Farm to host Boots & Breakfast™, and help you Run Your Own Race.

Marielle Fontein D'Errico

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