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Success without force, partnership without dominance, teamwork without fear, willingness without intimidation and harmony without coercion.

Horse, Follow Closely

 ~ Gawani Pony Boy
Horse Powered PBL(Puzzle Based Learning)programs, workshops and events.
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Horse Powered Reading®

Triple Chance Farm Founder and Owner, Marielle Fontein D'Errico, is a trained Horse Powered Reading® facilitator. We will be offering regular HPR workshops and events, and we are happy to entertain any special requests. 

Visit for more information on Horse Powered Reading® or to find a facilitator in your area.

All good things come in three.

Take a chance, and join us at Triple Chance Farm to Run Your Own Race on A Road Less Traveled by Going Dutch

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A Road Less Traveled

The Switch

The switch, a braided leather short whip about two feet long, was commonly used by Native American riders as a training tool. The switch was used more as a pat on the back than as a whip or instrument of pain. Used in this manner, the switch reinforces verbal, physical, and focal cues and can be good training tool, especially in the begiining phases of training. The only problem with the switch is that if you do not practice self-control, it can become a way of administering punishment; your horse will come to view it more as a spanking tool than a training tool. Imagine that every time you got angry with your horse, you removed your hat and beat him with it. Your horse would soon begin to fear your hat (not you) and would act differently every time that punishment tools was sitting upon your head. The switch should be used to coax, not to tell.

Source: Horse, Follow Closely by Gawain Pony Boy