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Work . Learn . Play

Off-site meeting, class, workshop, and (business) retreat space.

Work.Learn.Play by blikkenhut.com

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All good things come in three.

Take a chance, and join us at Triple Chance Farm to Run Your Own Race on A Road Less Traveled by Going Dutch

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Going Dutch

Meeting You Where You Are

February 2021. As many were impacted by Covid-19, my husband and I turned our quirky, charming 'tin hut'('blikken hut'in Dutch)on South Loudoun Street in Lovettsville Virginia, into a flexible work and event space, and it rapidly became a home away from home for small businesses and individuals alike. By keeping it simple, flexible, and welcoming at the same time, the original 'Blikken Hut' was able to give the co-working business model a unique spin. 


Inspired by the community’s interest in not only affordable and flexible commercial real estate space, but also the need and interest to (re)connect, share and support each other, the idea of expanding on the Going Dutch co-working business model was born.


As an online platform, blikkenhut.com connects new and existing communities with their 'huts', and allows small business and community groups to Work.Learn.Play together by Going Dutch. 

Triple Chance Farm is excited to be hosting a 'hut', and provide off-site meeting, class, workshop, and (business) retreat space to the Blikken Hut community, and help us (re)connect, share and grow by Going Dutch.

Marielle Fontein D'Errico

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